OSHA revealed the top 10 most frequently cited violations in the 2023 fiscal year. This data is essential for businesses in a variety of industries to enable them to pinpoint vulnerabilities impacting their employees and equip them with the necessary insights to formulate compliance strategies.

// Fall Protection – General Requirements (7,271 violations)
// Hazard Communication (3,213 violations)
// Ladders (2,978 violations)
// Scaffolding (2,859 violations)
// Powered Industrial Trucks (2,561 violations)
// Lockout/Tagout (2,554 violations)
//Respiratory Protection (2,481 violations)
// Fall Protection – Training Requirements (2,112 violations)  
// Personal Protective and Life-saving Equipment – Eye and Face Protection (2,074 violations)
// Machine Guarding (1,644 violations)

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