Transportation Insurance For The Long-Haul

Transportation is a critical industry, and ensuring the safety and protection of vehicles, cargo, and businesses on the road is of utmost importance. At OVD, we understand the unique risks and challenges faced by those in the transportation industry, which is why we offer comprehensive transportation insurance services.

Our coverage options are tailored to meet the needs of the transportation industry, protecting a wide range of potential losses, including accidents, theft, and liability issues. Whether you’re a trucking company, delivery service, or logistics provider, we have the expertise and solutions to help you protect your business on the road.


Intentional Strategies

With a true understanding of the transportation industry and its complex challenges, we put intention into the insurance strategies we develop to elevate your business moving forward.


Hands-On Assistance

OVD strategically walks alongside our clients to educate and provide hands-on assistance that will help elevate the perception of their company within the insurance marketplace, improving efficiencies while reducing your cost.

Trusted Coverage 

There are complex challenges within the transportation industry. Our trusted advisors analyze your operations and build a comprehensive insurance and risk management program because we understand it isn’t a one size fits all solution.

“OVD is more than an insurance provider to our organization; they’ve become vital to our growth!”

Northfield Trucking Co, Inc. partnered with OVD approximately 6 years ago.  The professional team at OVD strategically works with our safety and compliance department to support our growth and long term goals. 

Who Can Benefit from Transportation Insurance?

Motor carriers that are on the path to improving efficiencies and safety, and are proactively making strategic risk management moves to better protect themselves rather than reactive insurance quoting can benefit from transportation insurance.

Summit Series

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March 19, 2021

American Rescue Plan Act Of 2021

Tripp VanderWal speaks on the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 in this webinar presented by OVD Insurance.

October 6, 2021

Transportation Insurance ’21

In this webinar, presented by OVD Insurance, Josh Stoll, Kate Paciorek, and Matt Fabry speak about leveraging data and regulations.

February 6, 2020

OVD Cyber Security Summit 2020

On February 6th, 2020, OVD Insurance hosted a Cyber Security discussion as part of their ongoing Summit Series, focusing on important topics and trainings essential to the business insurance landscape.


What types of insurance policies are needed for transportation businesses, such as trucking companies or logistics providers?

Because the transportation industry is highly regulated there is no one-size fits all insurance policy. They face various risks related to cargo, employees, and liability that typically require a combination of insurance policies suited to their company. If there is no insurance or authorizations, trucks can’t hit the road.

How does liability insurance protect me against claims from clients or third parties?

Liability insurance is designed to protect you and your business from any financial losses that may arise when you are held legally responsible for any harm or damage to clients, products, or third parties.

Can I insure my vehicles and equipment?

Absolutely. This helps protect you from any accidents, theft, damage, or any other unforeseen events.

Does business insurance cover cargo or freight damage?

Yes, it can, although the specific coverage will depend on the type of insurance you have and the policy chosen.

How can I protect my business against property damage or theft?

In the transportation industry most people, cargo, and equipment are on the move daily. It is essential to train your employees, keep your insurance up to date, create theft prevention protocols, and educate your employees on current theft trends.

Do I need to purchase workers' compensation insurance for my employees?

Yes, if you are a business owner and have employees, worker’s compensation is required.

How does business interruption insurance work in the transportation industry?

Business interruption insurance steps to reimburse the company for potential financial losses that can negatively impact your business’s ability to operate.

What is motor truck cargo insurance, and when is it necessary?

When truckers are hauling goods, they are responsible for getting those goods from point A to point B. Cargo insurance is designed to protect cargo in any unforeseen event such as stolen, loss, collision, fire, etc.

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