We focus on meticulously and accurately assessing the risk, reducing exposure, and decreasing the likelihood of losses where possible. Our surveys can also help to ensure compliance with legislation and requirements within your industry.

Every risk is unique so each risk survey is tailored to the specific assignment. Depending on the particular risk, we will undertake a variety of surveying methods including:


Risk Surveys

Every risk is unique to each industry. Here’s a glance into our survey methods process: 

  • A physical survey of the site
  • A review of internal policies, processes, and procedures
  • A scenario-based analysis of residual market load (RML) and probable maximum loss (PML)
  • A blend of on-site and electronic methods to appropriately determine valuations

The OVD Risk Team has become a valuable partner to our company, assisting us with solutions for our known deficiencies as well as uncovering other areas that provide value to our entire organization.

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