Private client insurance, or high net worth insurance, is constructed for those who have more assets of a higher value that exceed the maximum coverage limit of standard insurance carriers. Private client insurance can include coverage for homes, vacation properties, automobiles, watercraft, art, jewelry,

and other valuable assets, as well as liability protection for personal risks such as lawsuits and libel. To protect those in the higher-end market, we offer private clients additional services such as risk management, appraisal services, and concierge services to help their clients protect and manage their assets.

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How does private client insurance differ from traditional insurance policies?

Private client insurance is designed to meet the unique needs and circumstances of individuals or families with high-value assets and complex risk profiles.

What types of assets can be covered under a private client insurance policy?

The specific types of assets that can be covered vary based on the insurer and value. If you can personally own it, you can personally insure it. Some common assets are: 1. High-end homes and residences 2. Luxury vehicles & watercraft 3. Fine arts & collectibles 4. Jewelry & accessories

How can I ensure that my insurance coverage keeps up with my changing needs and assets?

This requires ongoing attention and proactive management from our concierge-level advisors. This can typically include services as such regular reviews, communicating changes, or frequent appraisals. Our agents are here to help you understand your coverages and any conditions that may affect those coverages.

Can I customize my private client insurance policy to fit my unique circumstances?

Private client insurance is a very personalized policy designed to protect high-value assets through higher coverage limits, flexible policy options, and more.

What types of claims are typically covered under private client insurance policies?

This can vary depending on the policy, but some common types of claims are property damage, theft, or natural disasters. By having a clear understanding of what coverage is provided, you can have peace of mind knowing your assets are adequately protected.

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