Business Issue

A single-site manufacturing client deployed Ascend in 2020 with a focus on safety. The client wanted to have better metrics on their incidents and claims while being able to take concurrent corrective action and improve their overall safety program.

Action Plan: Scaling To Peak Safety Standards

This client saw the benefit of centralizing their incident and claims data and being able to evaluate to themselves in real-time. This resulted in them rolling out a new, full-scale audit process within their operations. These audits were conducted by employees and evaluated by department supervisors. Results of these audits are sent to upper-level management to review.

The client’s EHS Manager established a safety team, and they now review all incidents and audits indicated by internally developed criteria where opportunity for improvement exists. This has helped the client vigorously develop and maintain high safety standards for their organization.

The Plan:

_01 Client centralized their incident and claims data to review in real time themselves

_02 New full-scale audit process was implemented within their operations and audits were being conducted by employees

_03 A safety team was established to review all concerning incidents, near misses, and audits

Result: Expanding Audit Use

Seeing the value in expanding into safety audits, the client saw an opportunity to utilize the audit functionality to complete process that were previously paper-driven. Two areas were in evaluating employees for respirator usage and welding competency. These processes were built out within the Ascend audit module and are ready to be completed by employees who need to use a respirator in their department or are being evaluated for welding competency by a subject matter expert.

The client continues to improve processes through the use of Ascend. The partnership with OVD allows us to work together to improve their overall stance in safety and the insurance marketplace as a result.

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary.