A multi-state client that is a large restaurant group rolled out Ascend in 2019 with a focus on using the incidents and claims module. Since that rollout, they have seen the benefit using that module and have also deployed the other two modules – audits, inspections, insurance policies, and certificates.

Action Plan: Exploring Audits

Not long after this this client deployed Ascend, OVD began piecing together risk management solutions in partnership with the client and developed a formal service plan. One area this client identified as a problem was the amount of fires they were having in their back of house operations. OVD in collaboration with their risk management team built out a fire safety and prevention assessment within Ascend to audit their back of house fire prevention and suppression systems.

The Plan:

_01 OVD Risk Solutions team met with the client’s Risk Management team to understand their unique needs

_02 OVD and the client built out a fire safety prevention assessment within Ascend

_03 Continual evaluation of the back of house fire prevention and suppression systems through the use of Ascend audits.

Result: Improving Clients Total Cost Of Risk (TCOR)

Utililizing this audit allowed the client’s risk team to bring tangible findings back to their facilities and operations teams. Along with OVD’s recommendations, this helped establish best practices for in-house maintenance as well as better vendor controls for their fire suppression and safety systems. The client was able to update this assessment process the following year to take a more holistic look at store safety while still including the fire prevention aspect.

The increased vigilance in preventing fires has reduced their overall property claim frequency reported to the carrier. For the two years prior to completing the fire safety audits, the client reported four claims totaling millions of dollars worth in losses. In two years since implementing the audits, the client has reported zero claims to the carrier. This change also reduced the time spent by the client’s team in chasing after information on these claims, giving them the opportunity to shift their focus to preventative rather than reactive. These findings along with regular, interdepartmental conversations the client holds have reduced the number of fires greatly and made an impact with their property carrier.

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary.