ACA & Compliance

It doesn’t have to be this hard.

  • With continuous changes in the benefits landscape, how do you know which regulations apply to your organization?
  • Who would assist you in the event of a lengthy DOL or IRS audit? Are you at risk for a penalty?
  • Who is doing your 1094/1095 reporting? Is it accurate? Are you sure?

We can help!

Legislation and compliance requirements are ever-changing and incredibly confusing. Keeping up with these changes can be challenging and time consuming. One mistake could cost you thousands of dollars in penalties. We know you are not in business to keep up with regulations related to your benefits – we are!

You don’t need to become an expert. You just need to know one. >

Simplified Enrollment Solutions

Paper Free & Hassle Free. It’s All Free.

  • How do you manage onboarding and open enrollment?
  • Are you tired of chasing down enrollment forms?
  • How much are you paying for your existing online HR/enrollment system?

Get it now!

Whether your preference is paper or technology, our all-in-one enrollment platform is customizable to fit your needs. The best part – we provide it at no cost to you! We prepare communications tailored to your employees and enrollment systems to help ease your administrative burden. Everything is tracked, documented and archived for easy access.

Take a breather. We’ve got this! >

Integrated HR Resources & Technology

We’ve got the right tools for you.

  • Is your current technology holding you back? Do you find yourself updating multiple spreadsheets or systems regularly?
  • Overwhelmed by the number of daily activities you have?
  • Do you struggle with finding reliable resources to help you with your benefits or HR questions?

Let us show you!

Technological advances are occurring rapidly. The role of HR professionals has expanded to be more than just personnel management. Many HR departments are responsible for tracking employee benefits, onboarding, training and recruiting. In smaller businesses, the HR department may also be responsible for payroll and performance appraisals. This dynamic role can be time and resource-consuming, so taking advantage of integrated HR technology solutions will help streamline your workflow.

We walk you through from start to finish – every step of the way. >

Living Well

Don’t just survive. THRIVE.

  • Did you know that more than 16 million Americans live with a smoking-related disease?
  • Obesity is associated with job absenteeism, costing approximately $4.3 billion annually. How has your workplace been affected?
  • Don’t think that high blood pressure is that big of a deal? Think again! High blood pressure can lead to heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and even dementia.

Let us guide the way!

Education and counseling are important in managing one’s health. Developing a meaningful wellness program can help lower costs through fewer trips to the doctor, prescriptions and emergency room visits while improving employee engagement, turnover, absenteeism and productivity. It is important to work with your employees to learn what they value on the journey toward better health.

Every company does wellness differently and that’s the way it should be! >

Strategic Benefit Analysis & Cost Management

Let’s take a closer look at the books.

  • Did you know that the average annual cost of health care for a family of four is $26,944? Do your employees understand the investment you make?
  • When is the last time your broker audited your organization’s enrollment, plan documents, or compliance requirements?
  • Are your benefits cohesively designed to allow for minimal risk?

How do you stack up?

Providing meaningful, cost effective benefit plans is the goal of every organization. It is crucial that your plans, policies and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis. We continually analyze the latest trends to identify cost drivers and develop the right benefit package for you and your employees. We give you the tools to help engage your employees to be a smarter health care consumer, which leads to improved overall health and increased employee moral, productivity and retention. We’re here as your trusted advisor to ensure your company’s benefits are accurate and relevant.

Experience the difference with a skillfully crafted strategy. >