Business Issue

OVD engaged a large manufacturing company with a plan to address their adverse experience mod. The
manufacturer had been with the same agent for over 20 years and had an experience mod of over 1.60
for the last 7 of those years. Looking for a fresh approach to claims and risk management, the manufacturer
decided to partner with OVD.

Action Plan

The OVD team worked closely with the client’s senior leadership team to develop a plan focused on
reversing the trend of increasing workers’ compensation costs. The plan included:

The Plan :

_01 Conducting a Risk Control Assessment to help identify and prioritize the action plan
_02 Formalize a Safety-Committee and have OVD participate as an active member
_03 Train all supervisors on Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
_04 Conduct an Ergonomics Assessment and training at all locations
_05 Continued recurring training for all supervisors

The Agent and Claims Team at OVD focused on educating the client and establishing a claims management process that included:

• Early reporting of all claims
• Establishing and educating supervisors on a transitional return to work policy
• Create a light duty job bank that could accomodate almost all restrictions
• Recurring claims review meetings


The hard work began to pay off for the client after year one – OVD presented a Dividend Workers’ Comp
program which ended up paying back 23% (just over $71,000) of the total annual premium. The experience
mod continued to decrease in each new year. Within 4 years, the client’s experience mod dropped from a
1.74 to a.63 – which resulted in their Workers’ Comp cost decreasing by over 65%.

Download the Manufacturing Dividend Case Study here.

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary.

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