Cost Control Strategy

Don’t step over a dollar to pick up a dime.

  • How many calls do you get per day from insurance agents with a special program?
  • Is “quoting” your insurance a productive and efficient use of your time?
  • Did you know the average independent insurance agency has 25+ insurance carriers?
  • Have you ever felt annoyed about the insurance “game”?

Let's unpack this!

The insurance industry has done a very poor job of educating buyers on how insurance products work. You might think of them as insurance gophers – grab a copy of what you’ve currently got and come back with a slightly lower price. That’s not enough. It’s not a long term sustainable strategy and that process can actually hurt your bottom line in the long run. Your competitors are playing checkers; are you playing chess?

Let’s develop a true strategy. >

Alternative Risk Transfer

Insure like an entrepreneur.

  • What business owner wouldn’t want to improve cash flow and reduce their overall financial exposure?
  • Would you like an opportunity to gain access to profits generated from your insurance premiums while receiving favorable tax treatment for doing so?
  • Would you like to gain stability and predictability in your insurance premiums?

Opportunity is knocking!

As a business owner, you accept a certain level of risk every day. We assess your business to determine the appropriate risk financing structure for you and measure your acceptable level of risk. We will craft a program that allows your business to take advantage of what makes you successful while avoiding unexpected catastrophes.
This will allow you to gain access to profits generated from your insurance premiums while receiving favorable tax treatment for doing so.

It’s time to look at risk management as an opportunity. >

Coverage Education

Working through the what and why.

  • You’re being sold promises, but you’re purchasing a contract. Are you confident what’s in it?
  • 1 in 4 businesses that experience a total loss never re-open their doors. 1 IN 4!
  • Are your insurance discussions focused on keeping your business or protecting it?

Let's go a little deeper!

With respect to the exceptions, the insurance industry is often an industry of mediocrity. We sell complicated legal contracts that often impact the financial wellbeing, sometimes the very survival, of the business you’ve spent your life building. We often become friends with our clients through time and hard work, but our focus first and foremost is on being the most thorough and most educated insurance advisor you’ve ever had. We don’t want you to be “sold”; we want you to be an educated buyer.

Let us analyze your current policy structure. >

Take Control

Ultimately, this is on you.

  • Quoting is easy, making yourself best in class is not – but this is your long term play.
  • Are you benchmarking yourself against your industry and your competition?
  • If you were an underwriter, would you rate your company better than others?

It all starts here.

You can quote and quote and quote, but at the end of the day – you underwrite yourself. Our role is to understand your business better than our competition, and to have the ability to identify the areas that need work. This is a partnership driven on the basis that you are or will be the cream of the crop. Our role is to be your face to the insurance markets, so our understanding of the inner workings of your business and what separates you from “the pack” is the basis of our value proposition.

Let’s see where you stand today. >

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