Risk Management

Safety makes cents.

  • Do you have a safety management system? How is it working?
  • Are you aware that an effective safety management system can reduce injuries by 15%-35%?
  • How does your safety management system align with your overall business plan?

We can help!

Would you be satisfied with a boiler plate template as a response for help with your safety program? We wouldn’t be either. That’s why we’ve developed our Proven Guide process to walk with you from conception to implementation to reinvention. As your Proven Guide, we will help you develop a plan which can reduce injuries, lower costs and provide a positive return on your investment.

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Health and Wellness

Looking at the big picture.

  • U.S. employers spend $13 billion a year on obesity-related medical issues.
  • Workplace alcohol, tobacco and drug use costs over $100 billion per year.
  • To what degree has your organization been affected by these health issues?

Let's take a look!

We all know that an employee’s life outside of work can affect their performance on the job. Through aggressive claim management and awareness of employee wellness, we can avert unnecessary workers’ compensation claims. Our integrated approach starts and ends with choosing the right guide.

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Employee Engagement

All aboard!

  • 27% of injuries resulting in claims are from employees on the job less than a year.
  • Are all employees of your organization as educated about safety as they should be?
  • Is safety practiced on the job or just talked about?

It all starts here.

Injuries can result from contact with objects, over-exertion, falls, repetitive motion and harmful substances. That’s a lot to manage, but too costly to overlook. With proper policies, training and implementation, safety violations can be reduced significantly.

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