Over 30 years ago, Russ Olivier and Tom VanDyk started this agency based on a calling. They knew people could and should be treated better than they were when buying insurance. They recognized in each other a shared set of solid principles and beliefs which would be the bedrock of their partnership.

You may be familiar with the phrase “To know him is to love him”. We feel this uniquely applies to Russ and Tom. Deep in their DNA is the heartfelt ability to let you know you are known and cared for. It could be Tom recalling an obscure detail about your life you had mentioned long ago or Russ whistling and humming through the halls carrying bagels for everyone.

Caring for our customers and caring for our staff is part of our solid foundation which we have fought long and hard to maintain.

Our commitment to building these relationships, our commitment to grow organically, and our West Michigan way of doing business has resulted in our agency growth. Treating people better than expected and believing business should be earned and not bought are the beliefs this agency is built on.

We feel blessed and thankful with our past and are excited about our future.