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Thanks for checking out Olivier-VanDyk!

To get to know us, it’s probably best to understand our mindset. Our culture, our drive, and our people are what set us apart.

Our focus first and foremost is to be problem solvers on behalf of our clients. You’ll see the consistent push for value throughout our website, but also (and more importantly) throughout our relationships. Our industry has way too often confused value with price. We do cost and coverage as well as anybody. But quoting? That is about the easiest thing we do.

So if any insurance agency can do a fine job quoting and get you a decent price: why us? That question is what drives everyone on our team. Things others “can do,” we are doing. Things “you’d never asked for,” are being brought to you. Things that “could have been done,” were done.

We believe in outworking the competition. Things that need to get done, will be done. Whether you are looking at insurance for your business, your employees, or for you and your family, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work!