February: “Insure Your Love” Month

Valentine’s Day is celebrated by 62% of adults in America – but how many of those people know that February is also “Insure Your Love” month?! “Alright Dana, way to go, take a fun holiday and bring life insurance into the conversation.” Sorry, just doing my job…

In the insurance business one of our main responsibilities is to protect things – assets like buildings, homes, cars, boats, and most importantly, people.  The first four items can all be replaced with time and money, but replacing you is impossible.  The only thing we can do is protect your future income so your loved ones do not suffer.

insure your love stats

It’s important to ask yourself, “Are my loved ones protected? What would happen if one of the income earners were to die unexpectedly?”

Your loved ones can use life insurance funds for financial needs such as:

  • Replacing a portion or all of your income
  • Keeping your family in their home
  • Paying for final expenses, including medical costs
  • Paying off debt
  • Establishing a college education fund
  • Covering financial emergencies
  • Providing a child or spouse a home care fund

So, How Much Life Insurance is Enough?

The amount of life insurance coverage you purchase depends on what you want the life insurance to accomplish. The best way to answer this question is with an analysis of your family and personal financial situation, along with your financial goals and objectives.  The chart below gives a good frame of reference.

Do you have enough life insurance?

A life insurance calculator is another great tool to use to start the conversation. Visit the Life Happens website to view this in addition to many other helpful resources.

Act Now to Provide your Loved Ones with the Financial Protection they Need.

I get it, it’s challenging to think about having to use life insurance, and nobody wants to do it. However, we would not be doing our job accurately if we didn’t talk about insuring your most valuable asset…YOU!


Dana Froumis, CIC

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