The 5 Most Dangerous Phishing Email Subjects

Below is a list of email subject lines that could very likely lead you to a Phishing site.  The cyber criminals who send these emails are hoping to entice you to click on a link or open a file that will allow them to download malware or get access to your computer or server.  The results could be devastating.  As cyber criminals get more savvy it becomes more and more important that you don’t open email from unknown/unexpected recipients.  A good rule of thumb would be, “If in doubt, throw it out”. Continue reading “The 5 Most Dangerous Phishing Email Subjects”

Stay Safe In Extreme Michigan Weather Conditions

In spite of the recent weather conditions, Governor Rick Snyder said, “The heavy snowfall and expected 20-year low subzero temperatures and high winds are creating – or have the potential to create – hazardous conditions statewide. We want everyone to be safe. Let’s all pull together by taking care of ourselves and each other, which includes checking in on friends and neighbors who may need our help. It’s times like this when Michiganders are at their best” Continue reading “Stay Safe In Extreme Michigan Weather Conditions”