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HMO Plans

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HMO, PPO, & POS Plans

Choosing between what type of health insurance plan to offer can be difficult decision.  We take the time to thoroughly explain each option, evaluating both your budget and organizational goals, to determine the best course of action.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

A Health Maintenance Organization, more commonly referred to as an HMO, uses a specific network of providers in order to keep costs low. Using an HMO Network allows members to get services at pre-negotiated, discounted rates. Except for emergency coverage, members will choose a primary care doctor that is within this HMO network.

Primary Care Physicians help members coordinate care, keep complete medical records of patients, and watch for conflicting prescriptions written by other doctors that might cause problems.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

Generally speaking, Preferred Provider Organizations, or PPOs, have higher monthly premiums than HMOs, but provide the greatest flexibility in provider selection. PPOs also work with a specific network of health care providers allowing members the opportunity to seek services with lower copays and costs. However, unlike HMOs, PPOs allow members to choose a health care provider who is not on the list of affiliated doctors. This is a process referred to as going “out-of-network”.

Point of Service (POS)

Point-of-Service group health plans, called POS plans, offer more flexibility than HMO coverage through two levels of medical benefits. The richest benefit, with the lowest copays and deductibles, are accessed when services are provided in-network. Regardless, the member always has the security of seeking services out-of-network if they choose.